Saturday, 11 January 2014


You forgot your shadow,
It didn’t follow you to the grave,
It didn’t follow you into heavens light,

But it came alive at night.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring Me Back What Is Mine

Bring me back what is mine
From that long-ignored place.
I’ve spent too long gazing into that darkness
To accept it’s cold, fickle embrace.

Bring me back what is mine,
I beg untoward you.
I assure you, I’ve repented, relented,
So we can return to me and you.

Bring me back what is mine,
This vile desperation
Is poisoning my system, corrupting my heart,
I cannot handle separation
Any longer.
Bring me back what is mine.

Funeral Arrangements

‘He’s dead!’
They said.
‘Call his family!’
Said one,
‘He has none,’
Said another.
‘Call his friends!’
Said one,
‘He has none,'
Said another.

‘Should we give him a funeral?’
Asked one,
‘We shall give him the funeral of his life!’
Said another,

‘He won’t have one.’

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Tree Spoke to Me

The tree spoke to me,
Her voice tender and weightless,
Her words wise, and ageless:
“The apple does not fall far from me,
But the seeds will travel far away,
Away from me,
I will miss them when they are gone,
I wish they could stay,
Stay with me,
I know they can’t, I know they won’t,
But that doesn’t stop me holding on,
Don’t you see?
The apple is part of me,
And always will be,
You see? You see?”

I looked far and wide,
I looked high and low,
In the Garden of Eden.
But I found no apples, no seeds,
Just a field full of dark, disfigured and lonely weeds.

That's How I Felt Before I Fell

That’s how I felt before I fell.
I felt stupid and fragile.
I was lost in my insignificance.
I felt my individuality being oppressed.
It was a lie however, so I let myself fall.
I was finally free from the naivety of youth.
I had never been so sure about anything.
I felt whole, complete, and content.

That’s what being in love does to you.